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Kinesiology is an academic discipline that complements many other fields of study.

Students who minor in kinesiology will engage in the academic discipline of the study of human movement. This minor makes a great complement to major course work in science, health, fitness, and many other areas. It is available to all Mason undergraduates except those enrolled in the BS in kinesiology.

The kinesiology minor comprises 18 credits. Eight of these credits must be unique to the minor and may not be used to fulfill requirements of the student's major, concentration, an undergraduate certificate, or another minor.

Where Will This Minor Take You?

Students who minor in kinesiology will gain a base knowledge of human movement and the factors which affect it.

Our kinesiology minor is a good complement for majors in a variety of fields and helps round out preparation for future sports industry professionals, sport scientists, and coaches. It also helps prepare students for graduate study in the healthcare field, paving the way to study medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, and more.

Kinesiologists work a variety of jobs, including:

  • cardiac rehabilitation / clinical chronic disease rehabilitation therapist
  • certified exercise physiologist
  • certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • corporate or community wellness specialist
  • exercise specialist