School of Kinesiology - George Mason University

Education, PhD - Concentration in Kinesiology

The PhD in Education - Kinesiology concentration prepares graduates for careers in research and teaching at universities as well as for careers in industry.

Program Structure

The program requires a minimum of 85 credits of study beyond the baccalaureate degree or a minimum of 55 credits beyond the master's degree. However, an individual's program typically requires 10 more credits depending on the person's goals, program requirements, and previous preparation. Students have five years to complete all course work and the portfolio reviews. Five additional years are allowed to complete the dissertation. Most students complete the entire program in five or six years.

Course Work

General Culture (3 credits)

Research Methods (15 credits)

Professional Specialization (24 credits)

Experiential Learning (18 credits)

Select an additional 3 credits with advisor approval.

Dissertation (12 credits)

* Students must register for 3 credits the first semester enrolled KINE 998 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal. Students preparing their proposal must register for 1 credit each semester thereafter until the proposal has been successfully defended.

**Students must register for 3 or 6 credits the first semester enrolled in KINE 999 Doctoral Dissertation Research and must register for at least 1 credit thereafter until all work has been completed including the semester in which the degree is conferred.