School of Kinesiology - George Mason University

The mission of the PhD in Kinesiology is to train professional leaders, educators, and researchers to impact and transform societal health and quality of life across the lifespan in the global community

This program is pending SCHEV approval.

Program Structure

The proposed PhD in Kinesiology is a 72 credit-hour degree program designed to prepare research-based educators and practitioners in kinesiology and related fields. The proposed program will be cohort driven and offer an exclusive fulltime enrollment format. A doctoral level dissertation is required.

Time to Degree

The proposed PhD degree program in Kinesiology will be offered both full-time. It is anticipated that full-time students will graduate in four years, and part-time students will graduate in six years. Per University policy, the total time to degree for all students will not exceed nine (9) calendar years from enrolling as a doctoral student. Doctoral students are expected to advance to candidacy within no more than six (6) years from admission to the doctoral program.

Course Work

General Culture (3 credits)

2 - Educational Research (15 credits)

Research core courses are designed to prepare students to evaluate and investigate a range of research approaches and apply qualitative and quantitative data collection and analyses appropriate to research in education. EDRS 810: Problems and Methods in Education Research is taken the first or second semester as a cohort class.

Professional Specialization (24 credits)

Experiential Learning (18 credits)

Select an additional 3 credits with advisor approval.

Dissertation (12 credits)

* Students must register for 3 credits the first semester enrolled KINE 998 Doctoral Dissertation Proposal. Students preparing their proposal must register for 1 credit each semester thereafter until the proposal has been successfully defended.

**Students must register for 3 or 6 credits the first semester enrolled in KINE 999 Doctoral Dissertation Research and must register for at least 1 credit thereafter until all work has been completed including the semester in which the degree is conferred.